Gaios, 49082 Paxos Island, Greece +30 6973319114
  • 1. Antipaxos

    At around 3 kilometres south of Paxos, the island of Antipaxos covers only a small area of 5km². It belongs to the municipality of Paxos, and as of 2011, the resident population of the island is just 20 people. Largely covered in vineyards, Antipaxos has a port, Agrapidia, and several beaches, such as Vrika (with white sand), Mesovrika (pebbled) Voutoumi (pebbled) to mention just a few. It can be reached by sea-taxi from the port of Gaios in just 15 minutes.

  • 1. Plakes
  • 2. Mogonisi

    Five (5) km south of Gaios, this wonderful beach is located on the southern end of Paxos. The beach is not equipped, but you can still find a few cosy taverns.

  • 3. Monodendri

    A popular pebbled beach close to the village of Logos just 9 km away from Gaios. It is partly equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

  • 4. Voutoumi

    A delightful sandy beach ideal for snorkelling. It is located on the eastern end of Antipaxos and can be reached from Paxos by boats which depart quite frequently.

  • 5. Mesovrika

    A lovely secluded sandy beach with crystal clear waters, accessible only by sea. It is located on the small island of Antipaxos and can be reached from Paxos by boats which depart quite frequently.

  • 6. Gaios

    This amazingly unique traditional village is the main port of the island and its largest settlement. With two islets, Panagia and Agios Nikolaos, located just inside the bay, Gaios is one of the most picturesque places in Greece. You can reach the two islets by a sail boat or you can even swim there. Once at Gaios, you can visit the Paxos Museum with exhibits ranging from stone-age flint tools and classical pottery to Venetian guns. The location itself, the variety of restaurants, elegant boutiques and old style stores give Gaios a unique charm and make it an absolute must see. As you walk southwards along the shore, you can find several narrow, yet attractive, pebbled beaches to swim in.

PaxosBlue apartments are located just 300 meters from the port of the island, so you only have to take a 5-minute walk there and a 10-15-minute walk to reach the town of Gaios, one of the most vibrant places in Paxos. Moreover, the apartments are literally a few steps away from a small secluded beach with crystal clear waters – the Seaside suite being situated directly on it. We’re located near everything- beach, center of town, restaurants, clubs, private beaches where only the locals go, places to go windsurf, dive, sun bathe… but also offer the tranquility of peace and quiet when you’re looking for it. Paxosblue is the perfect place to relax, explore the island and enjoy its stunning scenery.

HOW TO GET TO PAXOS FERRIES FROM CORFU Kamelia Lines Paxos :+30 2662032131 Corfu :+30 2661040372 E-mail : [email protected] & [email protected] FERRIES FROM CORFU Joy cruises Corfu :+30 2661049800, +30 26610 80444 Email : [email protected] Paxos:+30 2662032401 , +30 2662032245 Email: [email protected] SEA TAXI (PRIVATE BOAT) Nikos Anemogainnis:+30 6932232072, Tasos Gkogkos:+30 6944832964, Andreas Petrou:+30 6977623033 SHIPS FROM IGOUMENITSA & BRINDIZI Ionian Lines, S&L Ferries AIRCRAFT Travellers can fly to Corfu from most European airports and then board a ferry to Paxos. Below are links to some airlines that fly to Corfu. CAR For suggested routes we recommend using Google Maps